about the filmmaker


After growing up in Southern California, moving east and graduating with a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology from Boston University in 1996, Rick Curnutt migrated further East to People’s Republic of China to live for next ten years. In 1998 he joined “Trench Film Group” in Beijing with director Ju Anqi, and the continued as cinematographer, editor and director of various award-winning independent documentaries, as films and music videos, of next seven years. Rick journeyed back across these Pacific returning to United States in 2005 to pursue MFA in film directing at Chapman University where he directed short films Potty Talk, Alarm, and Free Lunch; which all went on to screen and garner awards that selected film festivals, around the globe. Rick now lives between continents, and continues making narrative and documentary films in both China and the United States. He currently has two projects in development.

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Curnutt at the demolition of on old Hutong neighborhood in Beijing, 1998.

Curnutt at the demolition of an old Hutong neighborhood in Beijing, 1998.

On location at the edge of the Himalayas, Yunnan-Tibert, China


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