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Free Lunch
(2008, 16mm, 35 min.)
Walter Tanner Jr. is done with handouts, he’s done with his privileged past, and he’s done with having to answer to people. Realizing the value of hard work, Walter sets off on the road to the American dream…in a lunch truck. Together, Walter and his friend Casey serve the working people of LA, while Walter struggles with the realities of business and being a fish out of water. Will the struggle prove to be too much? // tragic comedy, 35 minutes, 16mm, USA

  • Winner of the 2009 CINE Golden Eagle Award, “Best Student Film” – SENE Film, Music & Art Festival Festival 2010, “Best Short Film Screenplay” at the Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles 2009, “Silver Star – Best Student Short” at the Lake Arrowhead Film Festival 2009, “Award of Merit” at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival 2008, Finalist – USA Film Festival Dallas 2009, Royal Reel Award – Canada International Film Festival 2010; official selection of the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival 2009, Athens International Film Festival 2009, São Paulo International Short Film Festival 2009, Ashland Independent Film Festival 2009 and over 50 other international film festivals. It aired on Arte TV Network (France, Germany) 2009-2011.


AlarmAlarm promo
(2007, 16mm, 15 min.)
Haunted by her dreams, a young drugstore clerk Abbie switches over to the graveyard shift attempting to avoid sleep. When her new hours don’t stop her from drifting off, Abbie moves on to other fixes that lead her down a more painful path where she must confront the source of her nightmares face to face.

  • Official Selection at the 2007 Dances With Films Film Festival, the 2008 Whittier Film Festival; and was shown at the Chapman Showcase at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner


Potty TalkPotty Talk promo
(2006, 16mm, 5 min)
A 20-something couple hit a crisis in their one year relationship after Jessica discovers commitment-ready boyfriend Adam conducting his morning business right next to her while she’s enjoying a bath. Their ensuing discussion in the bedroom turns her head spinning, and Jessica finds herself stepping into the middle of the ultimate test.

  • Official Selection at LA Shorts Fest’s “LA Filmmakers’ Showcase” 2006, and the 2007 Hi/Lo Film Festival


Run, Chinarun china promo 跑吧,中国
(2005, DV, 30 min)
This documentary is an up-close and comical look at the average American’s knowledge (and lack thereof) of China . Walking around the streets of California with a 100-yuan bill in hand, the filmmaker is looking for answers, but ends up revealing much more about the two countries.

  • Run China won the honor of “Top 10 documentaries of the year” at the Chinese National Documentary Society Film Festival in Guangzhou, 2005; and has been shown on over 15 Chinese television networks.


Xinjiang is Good 新疆好
2003, DV, 178 min.)
Documentary: A vérité look at the fate of the ancient Silk Road junction between East and West at the turn of the millennium. Richly diverse both geographically and culturally, Xinjiang is home to over 15 of China’s 56 ethnic groups, and is now part of the nation’s mad dash to modernity. From sleepy oasis towns on the edge of East Asia’s largest desert to a bustling yet isolated metropolis at the foot of the Tianshan glaciers, the film (part travelogue) explores issues of culture, modernity, ethnicity and identity.

  • Official Selection at 2003 RAI Film Festival, England


1999, video, 26 min.)
Out of the bustling chaos of Beijing street life a myriad of balloons manifest and fend for themselves in this changing landscape. Evoking love, hate, hope, indifference, aggression and giving. experimental documentary.

  • Aired on various Chinese television networks with Run, China (2005-2006)

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